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BedAiD® Ulcer Cushion

BedAiD® Ulcer Cushion

It is a multi-purpose positioning cushion that provides solutions for various needs.

It is used as a positioning cushion when relieving pressure on the legs and speeding up the blood flow is needed in cases of phlebitis, varicose veins, and swelling; it offers a comfortable lying. There is a hole with a diameter of 20 cm on the inclined surface.

The position can provide an inclination angle up to 45˚ between the leg and the hip when the coccyx is placed on the hole. Thus, the contact of the coccyx with the mattress is minimized. BedAiD® ulcer Cushion protects patients suffering decubitus ulcer especially in the sacral region and supports the treatment. It facilitates genital cleaning of the immobile patients.

As the heels are no longer in contact with the mattress, it provides 100% protection for patients with heel sores or risk of sores. It has been made of high-density sponge. Its dimensions are 70 cm x 70 cm with a thickness of 20 cm.

It has been produced with inner and outer cover.
Outer cover: Polyurethane / antibacterial / antifungan / non-flammable / liquid-proof /can be wiped with standard disinfectants / zippered / removable.
Inner cover: Single jersey fabric.

27 Ağustos 2019
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