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BedAiD® Obese/Bariatric Sickbed

BedAiD® Obese/Bariatric Sickbed

BedAiD® Obese/Bariatric Sickbed

It is a version of the BedAiD® Pressure Sore-Decubitus Ulcer Prevention Mattress with different dimensions
and carries all of its properties. It provides a carriage capacity of up to 450 kg considering the requirements of obese/bariatric patients.

It is specially manufactures depending on the required size and carriage capacity. It creates a low pressure area with its removable cube/block property. The bed and the lying surface are cooled by way of transportation of clean air absorbed from outside by ventilation motor with ventilation channels found inside the bed.
Thus sweating is prevented. The blood circulation is accelerated owing to the vibration motors.

The whole system is controlled by remote control. The system can be adapted to any size needed. As the size increases, the number of cubes/blocks increases. The carriage capacity of the bed is increased with 100 density closed cell pad added onto the system. It offers all benefits and comfort offered by the BedAiD® Pressure Sor-/Decubitus Ulcer Prevention Mattress.

The massage blocks and body are covered with a special case. The case is zippy and can be easily cleaned. The fabric used for covering is water-proof, cleanable and antibacterial. The parts contacting the body are 100% cotton.


06 Ağustos 2015
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