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BedAiD® Hospital Mattress

BedAiD® Hospital Mattress

BedAiD® Hospital Mattress has been produced for patients who are obliged to continuously rest, though they are not bed-ridden.

More time is spent in the bed compared to daily living in hospitalizations which aim treatment and problems including slowed blood circulation, muscle pain, muscle stiffness and sweating are inevitable. BedAiD® Hospital Mattress decreased the possibility of decubitus ulcer by reducing pressure with its special design and prevents problems including erythema and sweating arising from long-term lying by supporting ventilation.

It polyurehtane case is water-proof and anti-bacterial. Owing to the zip used all along, it can be removed completely; the lower and upper cases can be separated from each other. It can be cleaned, washed and wiped with any kind of standard disinfectant.

Its visco thickness can be changed if needed. BDVisco® use on the lying suface is air-permeable and supports air flow. It may be used anywhere with requirement of low pressure, in intensive care units and wards. It complies with any moving bedstead. It can be produced with special dimensions.

05 Ağustos 2015
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