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BedAiD® Disabled Mattress

BedAiD® Disabled Mattress

BedAiD® Disabled Mattress

It has been designed specifically for all users who have physical limitation including mainly wheelchair users.

While standard beds do not offer any solution for individuals with movement limitation, BedAİD® Disabled Mattress has been produced specifically to meet all requirements of users. The BedAİD® Disabled Mattress was developed in the direction of the views of disabled people in the research and development stage and its final form has been achieved after numerous trials. It is a utility model protected product.

Convenience in terms of passing onto the bed:
Filler strips with a width of 12 cm produced from rigid sponge are found on both sides of the bed. These provide support required by the individual to pass onto the bed and both passing is facilitated and the requirement of balance and safety is met. (The softness of standard beds causes to great difficulty in passing onto the bed.)

Easy movement on the bed:

• Handholds produced from aluminium material with a length of 50 cm are embedded into the lateral surface of the bed and are positioned in such a way to meet the hand when the individual extends to turn to right or left.
• The filling strip of 12 cm found at the sides (especially in beds with a dimension of 90cmx190cm) provides great advantage while the individual is straightening on his/her elbows.
• The optimized softness of the bed offers the required rigidity when the individual straightens on his/her elbows or when he/she wants to lean to right or left.

Appropriate dose of rigidity-softness:

The uppermost layer of the bed confronting the body is produced of 80 density visco elastic material. However, extreme softness of standard visco elastic material will cause the individual to sink into the bed and to experience extreme difficulty while moving. Therefore, the visco material has been specially hardened and special material have been placed into the lower layer to meet the weight. Thus, comfort has not been omitted and easy movement has been enabled on the bed.

Comfortable and safe lying:

BedAİD® does not omit comfort, when offering the rigidity required. It distributes the body weight equally on the
bed when lying on the back, when lying face down and when lying on one’s side and thus provides a comfortable sleep and eliminates the risk of decubitus ulcer.

Water-proof and washable case:

The bed case is produced from water-proof cotton towel cloth covered with membrane. The upper case surrounded by zip all around can be easily separated from the lower case and can be washed whenever desired.

Catheter hanger:

Catheter hangers are found on both sides to be used when the need arises.

Optional properties

• It can be manufactured with the desired dimensions in addition to standard dimensions.
• The site of the holding bars can be positioned optionally.
• It can be manufactures with the desired size in addition to the standard size with a bed height of 20 cm.
• A massage and ventilation system can be added.

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