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BedAiD® Bed Chair

BedAiD® Bed Chair

BedAiD® Bed Chair

This is a position mattress designed to meet the requirements of individuals who are obliged to lie for a long time or who are bed-ridden including sitting on the bed with the feet hanging down, eating and resting by sitting.

• Owing to the support it provides, the bed can be used as a comfortable chair.
• Its case is water-proof and made up of towel membrane cloth.
• It can be easily removed and washed when desired, since it is zippy.
• It is a utility model protected product.
• It has a dimension of 89x37x76 cm.
• It is made up of 28 desity sponge and the sponge is covered with fiber all around.

07 Ağustos 2015
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