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BedAiD® Bath/Closet Cushion

BedAiD® Bath/Closet Cushion

It has been designed specially to eliminate the risk of irritation on hard surfaces including closet and toilet chair.

• It reduces the pressure which is formed on sitting surfaces and provides protection against he risk of development of wounds in short-term usage.
• The sitting surface is compsed of BDVisco® elastic material.
• Owing to its property to distribute the pressure, it provides more comfortable and safer sitting.
• An air evacuation channel composed of spacer cloth is found on the lateral surface to eliminate rigidity on the first sitting.
• The lower support surface is produced of hard material.
• The lower surface is covered with polyurethane skidproof cloth to prevent sliding of the mattress on the surface where it is used.
• The upper case is made of antibacterial polyurethane cloth.
• The case has a wipeable surface.
• It can be easily removed and washed, since it is zippy.
• It has dimensions of 45x45x7 cm.
• It has two layers.
• The lower supportive layer is made of 2 cm special eva material.
• The sitting surface is made of closed cell BDVisco® elastic material with a thickness of 5 cm and 80 density.

07 Ağustos 2015
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