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BedAiD® Stroller Mattress

BedAiD® Stroller Mattress

It has been specially designed for children who use disabled strollers.

• Visco material with a thickness of 7 cm greatly absorbs the body weight and relieves the user.
• Owing to the abductor between the legs, adherence of the legs to each other is prevented. The abductor is fixed to the mattress by velcro strip.
• It may be used specifically for children who use disabled stroller because of disorders including spina bifida, paraplegia, muscle disease etc. and is also recommended for all babies because it provides a comfortable lying surface.
• BedAiD® Stroller Mattress which covers the whole of the back and sitting area of the stroller provides soft, comfortable and safe resting.
• Optionally a gap with a diameter of 10×20 cm can be created in the area corresponding the lower back region especially for children with spinal bifida disorder. Owing to this gap, pressure in the risky area is reduced. BDVisco® elastic material is covered with towel membrane cloth. (Still, it is recommended to use a cotton covering on the mattress to prevent sweating.)
• It cases is water-proof. It can be easily removed and washed, since it is zippy.
• It has a dimension of 110x33x7 cm.
• It is made up of 65 density BDVisco® elastic material.

07 Ağustos 2015
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