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BedAiD® Antı Decubıtus Mattress is the first and only system in the world offering solutions to all problems of bed-ridden patients at the same time. It minimizes pressure with its high technology and special design and eliminates the possibility of development of wound with its strong ventilation channels and

replaceable multipoint massage system. It creates the comfort required by bed-ridden patients and provides tailor-made solutions with its programmable functional remote control.

It is a social security registered product. It has TİTUB register. It possesses CE and İSO 9001-2008 certificates. It is a licensed product.


• Ability to form low-pressure area
• Ventilation system
• Multiple-point massage
• Cube/block property
• Functional remote control
• Electronic system
• Antibacterial property
• Water-proof cloth
• Zippy and cleansable
• Ability to be used with any kind
of supportive product (moving bed etc.)


• Cube/block number: 45
• Cube/block dimensions: Width13 cm x 13cm, height 15 cm
• Cube/block coat: 195 gr antibacterial membrane towel.
• Cube/block material: Upper surface height 7 cm, 65 density visco, lower surface height 8 cm 32 density sponge.
• Surface coat: Antibacterial polyurethane.
• Ventilation system: Antibacterial hose specially produced from baby pacifier raw material.
• Ventilation length: 4.2 m
• Ventilation motor: Dc motor (12 volt power)
• Vibration number: 6
• System software: BedAiD® special software.
• Remote control system: Electronic transmitter/receiver. (special production)
• Remote control version: U.K.
• Sponge frame division number: 9
• Sponge frame material: 32 density black sponge.

Vibration Units

• Provide tissue perfusion.
• Speed blood circulation.
• Prevent closure of the capillaries.
• Give resistance to muscles.
• Prevent growth of bacteria.
• Strengthen the defense systems of the body.
• Prevent ischemia.
• Prevent pleurisy arising from lying.
• Produce solutions for problems arising from denervation and muscle paralysis.

Removable and Interchangeable Cube/Blocks

• Form a low-pressure area.
• Prevent hyperemia.
• Prevent formation of bullae.
• Enable tissue perfusion.
• Minimize friction.
• Enable reduction of compression in the desired areas.
• Prevent cutaneous, subcutaneous, muscle and fascia necrosis.
• Prevent formation of edema.
• Stop formation of ulcers.
• Prevent ischemia.
• Speed treatment process for established ulcers.

The Ventilation Unit

• Provides reduction in the humidity of the skin.
• Prevents sweating.
• Prevent maceration, contamination and infection.

The Remote Control

• It provides uninterrupted care for 24 hours.
• Enables periodical repetition of ventilation and vibration in the desired areas with the desired frequency.
• Provides a comfortable lying.

First and Unique in the World!

Among the alternatives offered to minimize the complaints of bed-ridden individuals, some target to increase mobility and speed the blood circulation, some target relax the patient by taking the form of the body and some target to decrease ulcers and erythemas by producing ventilation solutions. However, all requirements of the patient should be met at the same time and solutions to all problems should be produced at the same time for the patient to continue a normal life.

The BedAiD® Pressure Sore-Decubitus Ulcer Prevention Mattress is the first and only system in the world
producing solutions to decubitus ulcer, sweating, pain, immobile muscles and slowed blood circulation at the same time.

How does BedAiD® find solution for decubitus ulcers?

The most important factor in decubitus ulcers is pressure. If the pressure between the lying surface and bony prominence exceeds the maximum time for which the tissues can endure bloodlessness, decubitus ulcer develops in that area.

The lying surface of BedAiD® is made up of removable cubes. The cubes in the areas where decubitus ulcer has developed or there is a possibility of development of decubitus ulcer are removed and the pressure leading to decubitus ulcer is minimized. The multipoint massage system speeds the blood circulation which has slowed down and distributes the pressure and keeps the pressure at a minimum level. Development of decubitus ulcer is prevented by precluding sweating and humidity by ventilation channels and present ulcers are healed.

You can use the following simple test to check the blood circulation of your patient:
• Determine the skin regions which contacts with the surface and which you think is under pressure.
• Apply pressure on the regions by pressing with a finger.
• Meanwhile, determine the time passed for whitening of the skin by tracking the clock and stop pressure.
• Measure the time of the skin to turn to its normal color and compare.

The skin should turn to normal in a shorter time than 2-fold of the time of finger pressure. If whitening does not occur or if the turning of the skin to its normal color delays, damage to the capillaries should be considered. Blood circulation should be accelerated by moving these patients in such a way to stimulate the nerve endings.

How does BedAiD® apply massage?

The massage system has been developed to stimulate the nerve endings and mobilize the blood circulation.
It activates the muscle system and enables the parts of the body which are not in contact with air to contact
with air. It prevents development of decubitus ulcers, pain and sweating.

The massage system includes 6 massage blocks placed in different points. The blocks are not stable and their
localization can be changed if needed. Operation-resting times and severity can be adjusted individually.

Massage cubes

How does the BedAiD® ventilation system work?

The BedAiD® Pressure Sore-Decubitus Ulcer Prevention Mattress is designed with a mechanism including ventilation channels in its body. When the commands given by remote control are transferred to the mechanism, the channels start to produce air. Formation of moisture is prevented and the moisture formed is dried.

The internal design of the BedAiD® system has been desiged in such a way to support the air flow and a uniform background has been specifically avoided. The ventilation channels are antibacterial and can be programmed individually.
• Ventilation motor
• Antibacterial ventilation pipes
• Air-permeable sponge structure
• Schema of the ventilation system

How does the remote control of BedAiD® work?

There is a remote control system which controls all functions separately in the BedAiD® Pressure Sore-Decubitus Ulcer Prevention Mattress.

The remote control has been placed in the most appropriate place which the individual can easily reach. Special programs prepared considering the requirements of the patients who have to lie for a long period can be used and massage and ventilation mechanism can be individualized by adjusting application sites, operation times and operation severity separately.
• Customizable, time-adjusted, 6-point control system
• Customizable, time-adjusted, ventilation control system
• One touch night mode
• One touch day mode

How is BedAiD® cleaned?

The massage blocks and the body are covered with a special case. The case is zippy. It can be easily cleaned. It is water-proof and antibacterial. The parts contacting the body are 100% cotton. It has been produced with dark color considering the living conditions of bed-ridden patients.

Can BedAiD® be used with supportive products?

The BedAiD® Pressure Sore-Decubitus Ulcer Prevention Mattress is compatible with any kind of supportive product required by bed-ridden patients. It may be operated on any movable bedstead. Any kind of assistive product can easily be used.

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